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Interview with swords craftsman Mr. Kazuki Kawashima

This time, we interviewed Mr. Kazuki Kawashima of the sword artist who is a Japanese craftworker.

It was a very impressed interview with Mr. Kawashima.


The reason why Mr. Kawashima became craftsman

ーWhy did you want to become a sword craftsman?

Kawashima: Since my family work was making a knife. When I was a kid, I wanted to make a sword for king.


ーMaking sword was familiar to you. As a sword maker, what is your motivation?
Kawashima: A sword becomes a guardian. I will be pleased if I make a beautiful sword, and customers gladly receive it, and customers will be happy they have it.


ーWhat is most important point making sword?
Kawashima: I keep in mind that I do a careful work, because polite work put in my soul into swords.


ーWhat is your goal?
Kawashima: I want to make swords as much as possible. I want to make beautiful swords as much as possible.



Thank you for today!

【Sword craftsman】Paper knife made by Mr. Kazuki Kawashima