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What is BUSHIZO?

BUSHIZO is an online select shop of kendo supplies.
From the rich lineup selected carefully by the BUSHIZO staff, you can purchase the product at a reasonable price.

1. Good Deal

Since we are purchasing directly from manufacturers, we can offer quality goods at a reasonable price by not adding intermediate costs.

2. Easy to select

We are attracting elaborate products from more than 15 manufacturers nationwide in Japan. You can find the best product by comparing the price, durability, ease of use, etc.

3. Relief

Items are carefully selected by BUSHIZO staffs who have more than 25 years kendo experience. Visiting each manufacturers.



Go Ueshima

Born in 1987 in Sendai City. Studied kendo under Mr. Mitsunobu Sato who is 2nd place of 49th all japan kendo championship. Ueshima participated in a inter-high school competition  and made it to quarter finals.
After graduating from college, Ueshima experienced business development manager of a restaurant chain store, sales manager of digital advertisement agency.
Established Bushizo, inc. in January 2017.

Yusuke Kudo

In 1984, born in Hokkaido. Began kendo since when 6 years old.
Graduated Rikkyo University in law degree. Joined Yahoo Japan Corporation in 2008 in the sales position. Established Bushizo Co., Ltd. in January 2017.

Japan Festival 2017 in the Netherlands

Hello! I'm Mariko Sato in charge of BUSHIZO in Europe.
I participated in the Japan Festival 2017 held in Amstelveen on Sunday, October 8th.

In this Festival, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine and workshops. Such as Ramen, udon, beef bowl and curry....etc, are introduced as Japanese traditional food.
At the workshop you can experience calligraphy and flower arrangements.
You can also enjoy demonstrations such as karate, kendo, Japanese drum, chorus etc were also carried out.

In the Netherlands I belong to a dojo called Renshinjuku, and participated in demonstrations with dojo members.
The content is a demonstration of basic practice with elementary and junior high school students.

I would be pleased if someone was interested in kendo through this demonstration.
BUSHIZO also has expanded overseas version and I would like to continue to devote not only to EC sales but also to the spread of overseas kendo.