【Eiko Budogu】”Ao Tombo” Tombo Series 6mm Orizashi Bogu Set


Eiko Budogu’s premium 6mm machine stitched orizashi bogu set, also known as the “Aoi Tombo”, features a new and exclusive felt material in addition to an antibacterial kote lining. This is set is a compilation of the most advanced and current bogu technology available on the market.

Eiko Budogu has made many improvements to our “Aoi Tombo” since it’s release, for this particular update, we’ve adjusted the shape of out kote to improve the grip as well as added an antibacterial suede lining on the innards. The kumo kazari featured on the dodai adds to our concept of sophistication and simplicity.


Men: Duralumin Mengane, Cotton Uchiwa, Genuine Deer Leather Tsukidare and Heri, Orizashi Reinforcements, Gunome Zashi Mendare

Kote: Single Kera, Suede Palms, Antibacterial Lining

Do: Eiko Hongumo, Noukon Naname Zashi, Nhon Ashi, Kaeshiberi Mune, 50 Slated Dodai, Black Yamato Do

Tare: 5 Dan kazari, Genuine Deer Leather Uragawa

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6mm Orizashi "Aoi Tombo"


As a general rule of thumb, 6mm stitched bogu tends to boast better longevity than stitchings of wider widths; however, the more narrow the stitchings the thinner and less flexible the futon will become. In order to combat this problem, we've added extra softness and flexibility to our "Aoi Tombo" by utilizing an innovative felt material. The felt itself is soft to the touch, yet maintains a certain degree of malleability which aids in maintaining the shape of the bogu. This material was original developed exclusively to be used in tezashi bogu; it is still a relatively uncommon material that takes is timely to produce. The texture of this bogu was also designed mimics that of a traditional tezashi set.


The futon is sewn by a technique called gunome zashi; the dark blue kazari ito further accentuating the sophistication of this set. In addition, the heri and tsukidare are made from high-quality genuine deer leather.


Our innovative kote was developed with the opinions of many kendo experts.  We've developed a more ergonomic grip as well as a diagonal slant in the wrist area to mimic how the hand would look when holding a shinai. The innards of the kote is lined with an antibacterial suede, making it extremely comfortable and soft to the touch.

Unlike many conventional kote which uses synthetic stuffings, All kote from Eiko Budogu's "Tombo" line are stuffed with genuine deer fur. As the kote is put through use, deer fur has a tendency of breaking down in a way that moulds to the shape of the user's hands.


The tare boasts a 5 dan kazari accentuated with dark blue kazari ito on the haraobi. The heri of the tare are also made using genuine deer leather.


There are in fact many variances in the quality of kurozan leather on the market. Eiko has taken extra precautions to make sure that only the highest quality kurozan is used to in this set. High-quality kurozan is characterized by its hardy nature, yet will still retains a certain degree of softness which allows us to implement intricate kazari designs. Similar to the rest of the bogu, the do mimics the look of a tezashi bogu.

The kaeshiberi feature, as shown in the second picture below, is when the leather connecting the do to the mune is folded in on itself to create a smoothed out edge. Beyond simple aestheticism, it functions to protects the heri from wear and tear long run. The dodai is assembled with 50 slates styled after traditional bamboo do. The slates offer superior shock absorption as well as longevity.




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