【Eiko Budogu】”Kuro Tombo” Tombo Series 8mm Goban Cross Pitch Men



Men: Duralumin Mengane, Genuine Deer Leather Tsukidare and Heri, Cotton Uchiwa

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8mm Goban Cross Pitch "Kuro Tombo"


This bogu features a special 8mm goban stitching going both vertically and horizontally across the men buton creating a waffle-like appearance. The slight unevenness in the men's texture, as seen below, improves shock absorption and helps the bogu mould seamlessly to its user's body. "Kuro Tombo's" exclusive stitching promises superior protection compared to other bogu on the market.


Each bubble-like bump can be comparable to that of a bubble on a sheet of bubble wrap, functioning to provide ample cushioning and shock absorption. Despite the flexibility and softness, the materials retain a certain degree of firmness, which helps the bogu maintain its shape.


Both the tsukidare and heri are made with aizome dyed genuine deerskin. This means that over time, the tsukidare, heri, and menbuton will transform into a beautiful faded blue (synthetic aizome does note fade in the same way).


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