【Eiko Budogu】”Murasaki Tombo” Tombo Series 8mm Orizashi Men


Due to high demands, Eiko is releasing our hugely popular “Tombo” line as an 8mm stitched orizashi set named “Murasaki Tombo”! We have received much positive feedback so far, with most of our customers saying that they bought a set based on seeing other kenshi wearing it and that they themselves would recommend “Murasaki Tombo” to friends and family.


Men: Genuine Dyed Deer Leather Tsukidare and Heri, Datotsu Area Reinforced with Orizashi, Gunome Stitching, Duralumin Mengane, Uragawa Genuine Deer Leather, Cotton Uchiwa

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8mm Orizashi "Murasaki Tombo"


As a rule of thumb, the more narrow the stitchings are the harder and thinner the bogu will feel. The secret to this bogu's superior flexibility and shock absorption lies within its 8mm stitchings. The extra padding offered by this set makes it a good beginner-friendly choice.


Both the tsukidare and heri are made with aizome dyed genuine deer leather. This means that over time, the tsukidare, heri, and menbuton will transform into a beautiful faded blue (synthetic aizome does note fade in the same way).


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