【Eiko Budogu】”Murasaki Tombo” Tombo Series 8mm Orizashi Tare


Due to high demands, Eiko is releasing our hugely popular “Tombo” line as an 8mm stitched orizashi set named “Murasaki Tombo”! We have received much positive feedback so far, with most of our customers saying that they bought a set based on seeing other kenshi wearing it and that they themselves would recommend “Murasaki Tombo” to friends and family. To take our Tombo line a set further, we’ve added an extra aesthetic touch. A dash of silver-white kazari ito can be seen running across the do-mune, adding extra impact while staying dignified and refined.




Tare: 5 Dan Kazari, Cloud Design

Tare Length: (L Size: 19〜20cm, M Size: 16cm)

Please call or e-mail us regarding any concerns you have with the sizing.  

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8mm Orizashi "Murasaki Tombo"



In order to decrease the "thick" feel of an 8mm stitched tare, gunome zashi stitching is utilized in certain areas keeping this tare feeling light and flexible.


Overall, we have utilized dyed cow leather and orizashi to reinforce areas that are subject to impact or friction. The string that holds these reinforced parts together are known as matsuri ito. In "Murasaki Tombo's" case, we've decided to use purple matsuri ito for an added pop.



Please fill out your specifications in the "Sizing Information" section.

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Your name will be stitched onto the kote as displayed in the picture below



This product will be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please note that it may take 1 to 2 months for your order to arrive if we do not have enough inventory in stock.