【Eiko Budogu】”Tokuren Pitch” 4mm Machine Stitched Men


Eiko Bogu’s innovative 4mm/8mm hybrid bogu is back with new updates! Unlike conventional bogu sets, we’ve painstakingly adjusted the width of our stitchings according to the function of each part. Just as the name suggests, this bogu is made to withstand the hardest of practices.


Men: “X” Tsukidare, Duralumin Mengane, Mendare 4mm Diagonal Stitching, Antibacterial Uchiwa

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*Eiko Budogu products may require up to 3 months for production*

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The mendare features a 4mm diagonal stitching, giving the while men a more rigid and sophisticated feel.


The uchiwa utilizes antibaterial materials for added hygiene.


Below are pictures of Ueshima Go, BUSHIZO's CEO, wearing the "Tokuren Pitch" set.

Ueshima Go: In addition to the protection and comfort, the difference in stitching widths really gives the "Tokuren Pitch" set an aesthetic pop! I also especially like the "Kurozan" kazari you can see at the center bottom of the do-mune, it's simple yet refined. I can confidently recommend this bogu set for kendoka to all levels.

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