【Eiko Budogu】”Tombo” 6mm Machine Stitched Orizashi Tare (Youth)


※Production takes around 3 months※

“Eiko Budogu” is reinventing out largely popular “Tombo” line to suit the youth population. There is a great emphasis on details such as the thickness of the futon, the firmness and hight at which the haraobi sits, and the flexibility of the wrists. We have considered both the children and the instructor’s views when constructing this bogu. The result is a bogu made for youths that boasts the same quality as an adult set.

Both partial and full customization options are available for this set.


Tare: 4 Dan Kazari

★Please call or e-mail us regarding any concerns you have with the sizing. ★

*Eiko Budogu products may require up to 3 months for production*

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Please choose one of the following three colours below. (Top to bottom: brown, purple, blue)




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※We provide free name embroidery services for the men, kote, and tare. Please fill out your desired title in the "Name Embroidery" box.※

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This product will be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please note that it may take 1 to 2 months for your order to arrive if we do not have enough inventory in stock.