【ENN LIVING WORKS】”Reini Hajimari Reini Owaru” Tenugui


An ENN LIVING WORKS original tenugui! The words “Reini Hajimari Reini Owaru” can be translated into “kendo begins and ends with respect”. The message, combined with the quirky art style, makes this tenugui a popular choice for both kids and adults!


Size: 90cm×35cm


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―What motivated you to start your own clothing line, "enn living works", even though you were already managing two other restaurants? 

Kumagaya: I always had a strong interest in subjects regarding food, clothing, and housing. For food, I've already opened my own restaurants. As for clothing, western clothes is especially appealing to me, so making my clothing line was one of my long term goals. Lastly, when I say "housing" I don't mean real estate, but aspects involving living spaces such as interior design and furniture. If my company can be involved in all three of these areas, that would be the best.

―Your company seems to be focused on people's "quality of life".

Kumagaya:「That is a good way of putting it (chuckles). My younger brother, Tomofumi, also had the same idea, so we decided to start with restaurants. It was only a matter of time before we moved onto clothing and housing.

I want to create a Sashiko boom (*sashiko=gi fabric)
Kumagaya:  I think it's super cool when a fashionable university student comes into our shop to buy one of our bags.

―That will also change kendo's image of being dirty and smelling.

Tomofumi: I think our bags are appealing as they are, but I hope that one-day kendo would spread to a point where the average person walking on the streets can be heard saying "enn living works make really cool bags!"

It is part of my vision for foreigners to see out bags and ask "What's Japanese sashiko aizome?"
and learn more about kendo from there. I want kendo to spread around the world very badly, but I can't do it in a conventional manner. "enn living works" is my non-conventional answer to that aspiration.