【Kendogu Workshop of Japan】”Ao Mugen∞” W Pitch Jissengata Kote


The “Kendogu Workshop of Japan” is the only bogu factory that sources and assembles their products 100% in Japan. They are well-known for their unparalleled quality and work ethics, with many of their staffs having decades of experience in the industry. Bogu produced by “Kendogu Workshop of Japan” truly embodies the term “unrivalled craftsmanship”.

The Ao Mugen kote features a unique looking design which, aesthetics aside, prioritizes mobility above all else.

All materials from the “∞MUGEN” brand are fully sourced from Japan.

※Due to the amount of attention and detail put into the making of each item, the number of bogu produced each month is limited in number. Please note that it can take anywhere up to 3 months to custom make your order once it has been received. In return, we promise to deliver to you the highest quality bogu possible.※

Please call or e-mail us regarding any concerns you have with the sizing.  

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4mm stitching, W pitch, U-shaped wrists, Heri dyed leather, Delux orizashi, Genuine deer fur stuffings, Micropunched tenouchi, Improved mobility in the fingers




◆Bogu Sizing Guide

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