【Mitsuboshi】『Kokoro』 Nanamezashi Orizashi 5mm Pitch Men


The「心~KOKORO~」was inspired by Mitsuboshi’s two other popular bogu lines, 「MINE 峰」and the「TEN 天」. It takes after the best of its predecessors and features an additional HV【High Vision】mengane technology. This breakthrough HV technology sets the bars of the mengane further apart, giving the user a wider range of view during shiai and keiko.

・Original Deign and Dut
The design and cut of the men have been tried and tested to make sure that the minimum amount of movement is being restricted.

・New Futon Material
The【ULTRA FELT】materials utilized in this set improves the longevity, cushioning, and shape of the bogu. Only the highest quality materials were selected to to be used in the making of this men.

Men: HV High Vision Mengane Technology、Added Tsukidare and Mendare Attatchment、4mm Naname-Zashi、Ultra Breathable Uchiwa ※Comes with himo and chikawa

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 In order to prevent the shinai from slipping in between the mendare and the tsukidare, an extra piece of leather it incorporated to better secure the gap between the two pieces.
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