【SIDO】Mens “Tanden” Underwear


SIDO’s “Tanden” underwear line offers extra support for athletes suffering from back and hip issues caused by bad posture or fatigue. The wide, supportive belt built into the underwear is made of a flexible and comfortable spandex material. Tanden provides support without sacrificing comfort, and the breathable material also makes it suited for all occasions, including both keiko and shiai! This underwear is also popular among Japanese salarymen who spends hours sitting throughout the day.

BUSHIZO highly recommends this product for kenshi that sweats excessively. The lightweight material wicks the sweat away keeping the hakama clean.

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Size (Waist Size)
M: 76〜84cm
L: 84〜94cm
LL: 94〜104cm

Cotton 60%
Polyester 35%
Polyurethane 5%

Cancellation and Return Policies
■For sanitary purposes, we do not accept returns
■Please check to see if you have received the correct product upon delivery
■If there are any damages or contamination to the product, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your package
■Exchanges are possible in the above cases, shipping and handling costs will be handled by the seller store
(In rare cases, when inventory runs out we will be unable to exchange your item immediately)

Please call or e-mail us regarding any concerns you have with the sizing.