【Tama Budogu】Kendo Tsuki Protector “Shikoro”


A handmade tsuki protector from Tama Budogu. Recommended for kenshi who often deals with beginners or those experimenting with jodan kamae.


“The Concept Behind 'Shikoro'"
多摩武道具 錏

Adachi: Every kendoka is worried about a tsuki attack, I even know of someone who received permanent nerve damage after an opponent missed his tsuki. While many companies have sought to develop a tsuki protector, they never consider what will happen if the tip of the shinai misses the protector and injures the side of the kenshi's neck. With that concern in mind, I began developing my own tsuki protector.

I have received many feedback from various kendoka saying that their kendo has improved because they no longer fear the opponent' tsuki. It is a common mistake for kendoka to step back out of fear, it puts one in a vulnerable position. Without that fear, it's easier to hit a strong and solid ippon while moving forward.

The name "Shikoro" comes from a set of armour that existed during the Warring States period.