【Tozando】Deluxe Indigo-dyed #10000 Cotton Kendo Hakama TAKE

¥14,237 ¥10,500

100% Indigo-dyed Cotton hakama. Size available from 23 to 29.
We are offering one of our hot-selling hakama with a great unbeatable price.

The Take model has been pre-washed to allow minimal bleeding of the Indigo-dye from the beginning.
Made of high quality #10,000 indigo-dyed cotton which makes it very durable and comes with inner pleats stitching to keep the pleats nice and the Hakama easy to maintain and fold.


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Height recommendations are only for reference.
To properly determine your Hakama size, measure between the top hip bone and the ankle bone in standing position. This length is approximately equivalent to the length between the bottom of the rear obi and the rear hem.
Refer then to the Hakama Length below.


What is usually referred as to "Hakama Length" is the length of the Hakama "legs", without the Obi.

Depending on gender, wearing habits, the fitting Hakama length may vary from person to person.

To properly measure for a Hakama, please measure from where the Obi would sit (usually, the top hip bone), to your anklebone.
This length will be the best matching Hakama length.
Compare then to "Hakama Length" in our products size chart.

As a help, you can tie a belt at the level you would wear the Hakama, and then measure from BELOW that belt, down to you anklebone.
Usually, men wear Hakama tied around the hip bone, women use to tie it around the waist.