【Tozando】Reiwa Model “A-1α MARK-2” Bogu Set



This is the brand new version of our classic A-1 Alpha Orizashi Kendo Bogu. Designed around the concept of providing a light, but well-padded bogu that excels in everyday keiko by being as comfortable to move and spar in as possible. The Mk.II features a re-designed Men for clearer vision alongside lengthened Kote and a firm Tare. The Do colour is now also customisable. The A-1 Alpha Mk.II builds upon the original’s fantastic foundation and pushes it to even greater heights.

Like all our bogu the A-1 Alpha Mk.II comes with all the necessary himo and chichikawa as well as a tenugui. The set is shipped internationally for free and comes under our 3-year Bogu Warranty as well.

【Bogu Specificatins】

  • Duralumin High-vision Mengane – greater vertical field of vision
  • 6mm Fit-stitched Orizashi Futon – light, breathable, quick-drying and with additional padding across the datotsu-bui
  • Naname-zashi Mendare and Odare – greater freedom of movement for both cutting and footwork
  • Ideal Safety Guard – extra level of protection against tsuki that is always there for you when you need it
  • Reinforced Resin Do – comes with a choice of finishes
  • Unique A-1 Alpha Kurozan Mune – robust and durable with a simple and elegant design
  • Yoroigata Kote – ergonomically designed for comfortable tenouchi
  • O-ji Wrist Joint – flexible wrist joint that also promotes a natural and strong kamae
  • Extended Kote Futon – a longer futon provides more protection, but does not interfere with your strikes thanks to a deeper cut
  • Slim Hara Obi – a flexible and comfortable surface that helps you apply correct breathing and promotes a strong posture


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By far the most the distinctive feature of A-1 Alpha is the Men. It is the first of our bogu to feature Tozando's patented High Vision (HV) Mengane. With an increased field of vision vertically and it's grey reverse side, the HV Mengane lets you take in your opponent's kamae and body language naturally without having to strain or focus on a specific point. This encourages a calm metsuke that encompasses all of your opponent's movements - with the HV Mengane you can see all the opportunities to strike, without distracting bars getting in the way.

The Men also comes with our Ideal Safety Guard (ISG) as standard. The ISG is always there for you and protects your neck even when your head is forced back. Perfect for protecting you not only against inaccurate tsuki-waza, but also unfortunate accidents where you opponent's shinai slips off your mune up towards your neck.

The Kote has been improved upon as well. Still keeping their comfortable and ergonomic yoroi-gata fist, the futon has been extended by 1cm to provide more coverage, whilst at the same time retaining a deep-cut of 2.5cm at the end so they are easy to move and strike in. The joint has been constructed in our signature o-ji style that provides fantastic flexibility, letting you strike naturally.

When it comes to the Tare, the A-1 Alpha Mk.II not only prioritises manoeuvrability with the diagonally stitched Odare and oblique cut, but the Hara Obi has also been designed with the user's keiko and comfort in mind. Slimmer than regular bogu tare, the A-1 Alpha's Hara Obi provides a soft and comfortable surface from which to control your breathing and posture. The obi themselves taper to allow for comfortable tying. It is small details like these, that set the A-1 Alpha apart from conventional sets.

Finally, the Do features a unique mune design that is subtle and professional. This sits atop a reinforced resin dodai that comes in black as standard. This can be customised to a classic Tame (deep crimson), Kuro Tataki (fine black matte finish), Kon Tataki (a deep indigo matte finish) and Kuro Embossed Ishime (a deep and rough embossed black finish).


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