【Nishinihon-Budogu】”Gekko” Eito Shinai -Nishinihon 2018 Collection-

¥5,292 ¥3,500

A brand new type of shinai developed by Nishinihon-Budogu and released in 2018. It has been dubbed as a “sharp sword style” shinai as its shape is designed to make the cuts of the user sharper and faster. The Gekko has a straight contour similar to that of a koto; however, it is significantly thinner, making it much easier to swing and control.

This shinai is rising in popularity and it has quickly became one of BUSHIZO staffs’ favourite!



◆Grip Thickness
38: 23.5mm
39: 25.5mm
38(Women): 23mm
39(Women): 23.5mm

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