Kendo Tabi Socks


A popular item among all levels of kendoka, this protective tabi sock protect the feet from blisters and sharp objects. Especially recommended for beginners or kendoka coming back after a long break, as painful blisters can be both discouraging and compromise footwork.

The material of the soles are available in both leather and canvas materials.
(Canvas tends to give slightly less friction, making it better suited for shiai)

The tabi socks are available for both feet. For customers wishing to purchase one for each foot please make sure to purchase two separate units and specify  “Left” and “Right” for each respective unit in the drop down boxes below.

◆Size (Feet Size)
S: 20-22cm
M: 23〜25cm
L: 25〜27cm
LL: 27〜29cm


Please call or e-mail us regarding any concerns you have with the sizing.  


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