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It is easier to move the wrist by making the newly invented shape of the futon, so that it can be used more easily and more quickly. When you put your hands, you grasp it without feeling any discomfort.
It is a masterpiece which the craftsman himself has examined to fine quality deerskin, deer rags, kontan. you can satisfy its usability and durability.

It takes about 1 month delivery time for order items.

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◆Kote size

Their work


He received recognition from the national government as master‐craftsman. Their bogus are all handmade. People love kendo go to Nagasaki city to see their special work.

Made in Japan pride

Made in Japan is important element to provide masterpiece. They want to provide the product which really fit to the customer.


Deer leather is one of the most important materials in making kote. Especially the leather used for the hand of the armor of the armor (small hand) of Takeaki uses only the best part of the leather of the back part of the deer (it takes only one set from a single deer leather)

Deer hair

Each one has a pipe shape, it is excellent in breathability and impact absorption.As you use it, the deer hair crumbles and it fits even more.

BUSHIZO's comment

Products made by master craftsmen with excellent materials are exactly art works. People live in overseas want to have this kind of master piece. We're happy to sell Hakataya budogu products!