Shinai Set (Double Loop Tsukagawa)


Please select from one of the options below:

1. Double Loop Tukagawa (Standard, Wide, Extra Wide 27mm, Extra Wide 28mm, Extra Wide 30mm)
2. Sakigawa
3.Nakayui (45mmx7mm Width/55cmx6mm Width)
4.Red Rubber Tip (6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm,10mm)
5.Tsuru (Blue/White/Green/Black/Red/Pink/Yellow)

※Rubber Tip Sizing Guide
When in doubt, we recommend sizing up and then adjusting the size manually by shaving off parts of the rubber with a knife or scissors.

※Tsuka Sizing Guide
For a standard 39 shinai, please choose the 38 tsuka option. 39 are for individuals who prefer a slightly longer tsuka.

Standard: Narrow Grip Shinai

Wide: Standard Shinai, Koto Shinai, Jissen-Gata Shinai, Dobari Shinai, Koban (Oval) Shinai

Extra Wide: Thicker gripped Shinai, Sizing Down (Example: 39 Shinai with 38 Tsuka)

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