【Tozando】Indigo-dyed pre-washed Single-layered Kendo Gi


This “TOZANDO” pre-washed Kendo Gi jacket is a single-layered Gi made of indigo-dyed cotton. It has been pre-washed at high temperature to fix its size therefore there is a very limited risk of shrinkage compared to other models. During this process, the fabric is strengthened which makes the Gi durable thus fit for intensive practice. This Gi jacket is easy to take care of and while the pre-washing process has partially fixed the color, some bleeding might be expected. That’s the reason why we recommend to wash it separately the first time.Then, you should be able to wash it in a washing machine with other similarly colored clothing. We also recommend you to NEVER put your Gi in a drying machine.

Fabric: 100% Indigo-dyed Cotton
Quality: Single layer
Color: Navy / pre-washed

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