【Takayanagi Kiichi Shoten】Plant based dye Single Layer Keiko Gi


Soft on the skin, healthy and a comfortable keikogi. This product is well suited for those with atopic dermatitis or who are concerned with the sweat smell.

This product is not only is fashionable, it was born out of the desire to incorporate ecological principles and to present a natural lifestyle featuring the effects of medicinal herbs.

Recommended for those who have a preference for organic goods.

◆Notes for use

・Indigo dye will run when washed. Do not wash with other clothing items.

・Do not wash navy colored items with bleach or cleaning products that may contain bleach.

・Do not use vinegar or salt water to stop the colors from running.

・Natural dyes are used so just washing with water is sufficient to get rid of sweat

・If you use a dryer, some shrinkage may occur

・Cotton will shrink after washing so it is a good idea to choose slightly larger items

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◆Regarding Shipping

This item ships directly from the manufacturer.

In general the items listed are in stock; however, there may be cases where it could take from one to two months to arrive. Your understanding is appreciated.