[Takeshima-budogu] Bukotu JP Kote Type2 Made in Japan


Deepening through integration of traditional techniques.
Bukotu JP Kote Type2 is born from two types of stinging width of 3 mm and 6 mm which is characteristic of “Bukotu”.
By adding a fine adjustment such as the length of the wrist, the amount of hair, thread tightening etc., it became Kote which was strongly balanced against shock.

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Bukotu JP Kote Type II The biggest commitment is handful.
By studying the angle from the index finger to the little finger and repeating the adjustment, you can experience the same feeling of grasp as when grasping with bare hands.
This Kote is resistant to shocks by changing the specifications of the futon to pitch stitches, and the texture is different from Type 1.

It became lighter than Type 1, and the suppleness was emphasized.
There are many people who use it for games, "Kote for General / Competition" type.
All production stages are completed in Japan. We were able to obtain cooperation of "ALL JAPAN PITCH" in domestic Bogu production.

"Takeshima Budogu Bukotu- sashi" which is the biggest feature has been handed over and its manufacturing method is sublimated.

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