[Takeshima-budogu] Bukotu JP Men Type2 *Made in Japan


Keep evolving Bogu “Bukotu”.
The specification of Bukotu JP Men Type1 continues to be improved little by little over 8 years since its birth, and it continues evolving and changing according to the times.
Meanwhile, many people have been admitted to the high quality, and today we have a high reputation both in Japan and abroad.

For Men Type 2, the sewing thread width of the head is Men sewn at double the length of Type 1.
This made it possible to express a sense of wearing different from Men Type 1 and soft and supple stiffness.
While keeping cushioning and absorbing power, we are finished in a design with classicality and fresh charm. It is an impressive and unique style.

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By choosing "Type 1" and "Type 2" according to your style, you can pursue comfortable use.
All production stages are completed in Japan.
We were able to obtain cooperation of "ALL JAPAN PITCH" in domestic armor production.
"Takeshima Budogu Bukotu - sashi" which is the biggest feature has been handed over and its manufacturing method is sublimated.


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