[Takeshima-budogu] Bukotu Kote SD(Super Dry)


Takeshima Budogu Original Kendo-Bogu “Bukotu”.
Bukotu Kote SD(Super Dry) improved the material into the Tetonite as it is in the hand while leaving the Type 1 mold intact.
There were several washable Kote so far, but succeeded in realizing “Kote wanting to wash” instead of “washable”.
It is a handy handy that is easy to use in the real sense.

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Tetonit is a 100% polyester fabric.
You can wash it in the washing machine, the surface of Kote after dehydration is already almost dry.
It is also used for sneakers and soccer shoes, in addition to outstanding durability, there are plenty of excellent features such as perspiration, breathability, quick-drying, baby soil and light weight.
As a result of monitoring tests, results have been obtained that become softer and easier to use when washed.
* We are recommending the use of a softening agent on the market when washing. The fabric becomes soft, and it also has deodorant properties.
* After washing the shape is adjusted and "shade" is considered to be better, but if it is a short time the sun-drying is OK. The one who applied somewhat to direct sunlight takes a smell.

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