[Takeshima-budogu] Bukotu Tare Type2


Takeshima Takeshi Original Original Kendo-Bogu “Bukotu”
“Bukotu-Tare” uses the “bone” born from two types of stabbing of 3 mm and 6 mm which is characteristic of “Bukotu” all over.

Not only is it good looking, but also due to the balance of elasticity and softness, it not only ensures durability and shock absorption, but its unique softness brings the best fit to the body.
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In Type 2, as well as balancing hardness and softness, you can feel a volume by increasing the stitch width.
By repeated research and analysis thoroughly, tannin part of the abdomen and not to press too much on the abdomen with any body type.

In addition to the two kinds of stabbing which is the characteristic of "Bukotu", since it uses pitch stitching, it realized the best attachment feeling, the fitting which is not elsewhere.
It is an Bogu that looks old-fashioned.

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