Size Guide


Sizing Guide

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a new set of bogu is… Sizing! A well fitted bogu is the first step to a good keiko. Taking the right measurements will mean that we at BUSHIZO can find the bogu that will offer you the best comfort and performance. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Please be sure to have a measuring tape prepared as it is extremely difficult to determine the correct sizing with a conventional ruler.



Please have another person beside you to assist you through the process.

(Left: Person being measured, Right: Person measuring)


Men Measuring Guide

We will need the three sizes listed below (A・B・C) to determine the right men size for you.

First, close your jaws and look straight ahead.

Our model for today is a woman of average stature who stands at 168cm tall.

Measurement A

This measurement will determine the height of the men. We will be taking measurements from the back of her head (near the hair whorl) to the tip of her chin.

  1. Start by placing the tape measuring tape near the hair whorl(Have your assistant press the tape measurer in place to ensure that it doesn’t move)

  2. Wrap the tape down to the tip of the chin, passing in front of the ears and cutting through the lower cheeks.


Bad Example


X The measuring tape is wrapped behind the ears

X The measuring tape is not wrapped around the tip of the chin

X The measuring tape is not placed near the hair whorl


Measurement B

This measurement will determine the width of the men. Please imagine that you are wearing a hachimaki. Wrap the measuring tape around your forehead just a little bit above your ears.

As a rule of thumb: A-B=10cm±1cm


Measurement C

Place your chin on a table or any stable surface, make sure that your head and chin are in line. We will be taking measurements from the tip of her chin to the centre of her eyes. We encourage you to use a stiff ruler in this particular case.  


Tips to Keep in Mind

・Don’t wrap the measuring tape around your body too loosely not too tightly

・Make sure there are no notches throughout the length of the measuring tape

・Make sure that the measuring tape is placed in the correct areas

・”A Size” for the average person is around、58cm(children)〜72cm(adult). For sizes 73cm and above, we may not have the your size in stock, please contact us before placing your order.

・”B Size” for the average adult male is around ~57cm

・”C Size” for the average adult male is around ~12.5cm

・The measurements for our model this time is A:65.5cm、B:55cm、C: 10.8cm (for reference only)


Measurement for Children

Younger children tend to outgrow their bogu at a very fast pace. In response, many of our customers have chosen to size up on their child’s bogu and use additional paddings to adjust the size. The extra paddings also aids with shock absorption, great for kids who complain about being hit too hard. We offer wide range paddings on our BUSHIZO website including: men paddings, chin paddings, under-kote paddings, ect. Please feel free to take a look!

Kote Measuring Guide

We need to take two sizes (D and E) to determine the size of your kote. Please close your fingers, stretch out your arm on a table, and relax your muscles.


Measurement D

Please measure the length from the tip of your middle finger straight down to your wrist joint.


Measurement E

Place the measuring tape between your thumb and index finger and wrap once around your hand.


Do and Tare Measurements

For Do and Tare measurements please have your height, weight, and waist size ready, thank you.

If you have any remaining questions or concerns, please contact us directly through our e-mail (, facebook, or contact form on our website.